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Understanding the Basics of Solar Storage Batteries

Most homeowners know about solar panels and what they can do, but many have not heard about solar batteries. You’ll find that many property owners install solar panels and often go as far as that when transforming their home. To ensure you get the most out of your solar powered system, you need to consider fitting a home battery. These devices store solar energy that panels collect.

Working in Unison with Your Solar Panels

When it comes to understanding solar panels, you don’t need a degree in engineering. They basically absorb the suns energy and power your home. If you are thinking about installing a home battery in Victoria or NSW, you’ll want to know how it will improve your current system. Or you may be thinking about installing solar panels and you aren’t sure whether a solar storage battery will be of benefit.

If you want to know how they work, you must first understand how the average residential solar powered system runs a home. If you decide to purchase a standard home solar system, it will include all of these items:

  • Solar panels
  • Equipment used to mount the panels to the roof
  • An inverter
  • A performance monitoring system

The panels are positioned on the top of your roof facing into the sun, this way they can operate to the best of their ability. Each panel is designed to collect energy from the sun and convert that energy into electricity. The sun’s rays travel through the inverter and they are then transformed into an altered form that your system can use to power the building.

How Home Batteries Work

Solar batteries work by storing excess energy they receive from your solar panels, they keep this energy as AC power, allowing you to use it later when there is no sun in the sky. If you install a higher capacity battery, you’ll be able to store more energy. If you don’t have a battery, the excess energy will be sent back into the grid. If your panels aren’t collecting enough energy and you don’t have a battery, your home will take electricity from the grid. If you have a battery, your system will rely on that for energy instead of using the grid.

Why Install a Home Battery?

Once you understand how they work, it is easy to see why so many property owners choose to fit a solar powered system with a home battery as opposed to relying exclusively on solar panels. One of the main reasons people add a battery is to be completely self-sufficient and do the right thing for the environment. Contributing to the environment means using a system that never needs to depend on the grid.

Installing a home battery takes your solar system one step further, it no longer has to depend solely on power from the panels. It can store excess energy in the battery and use it when needed. You eliminate the need for a generator or energy from the grid. Plus, you’ll be able to save a lot more money on monthly bills.


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