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3 Tips for Keeping Your Horses Safe

If you want to be a responsible horse owner, keeping your animals safe should be your top priority. While minor injuries happen occasionally and simply require you to take a short break from riding, some accidents cause severe injuries or even death. Maintaining your property is the best way to minimize the risk of an accident occurring so use these three tips for keeping your horses safe.

Maintain Fencing

Your property should be enclosed by ranch fencing Texas to keep your horses contained. While barbed wire may be your first choice because it is relatively inexpensive, it can cause major damage if one of your horses gets tangled up in it. Wooden or metal fencing are both better choices but they still need to be inspected regularly to make sure they are damaged.

Inspect the Property for Hazards

Before you bring your horses home, you should inspect the property to make sure there are no poisonous plants inside the pasture. You should also make it a habit to check the property after every storm so you can find any broken limbs or fallen trees that could pose a threat to the safety of your animals.

Keep the Barn Tidy

Your barn should stay organized so you know exactly where important items are when you need them. Horses can trip over or cut themselves on items that are left out. If you forget to store food securely, your horse will overeat and could have severe complications. Make sure the barn is tidy with nothing within reach of your horses every time you leave the barn.

Maintaining a safe property is the best way to keep your horses happy and healthy. Keep these three tips in mind so you can ensure your property stays suitable for your equines and give them the space they need to thrive.

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