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4 Inexpensive Living Room Renovations That Make a Big Difference

If your living room needs an update, but your remodel budget is rather small, there are several ways to renovate the room without spending a lot of money. Completing one or more of the following four projects will give you a new look at a low price.

Paint the Walls

Painting your walls in a colorful hue that complements the room’s décor will instantly give your living room a whole new look. For best results, hire a professional to do the paint job Sneads Ferry NC as he or she will know all the necessary prep work to do and can complete the job quicker (and with less frustration) than you can do on your own. Your painter will also have great advice to share on the best color options and brand of paint to use in the space.

Rearrange the Furniture

You’d be surprised how different your room will look if you move some or all the current furniture to different places. Try creating a conversation space by configuring a couch and a few chairs together. For a totally new appearance, trade out some pieces with those in another room. Have fun experimenting with the layout until you come up with a look that you like.

Add a Rug

A quick way to update your flooring is to add a large rug to the room. Look for one that will blend in with the room’s overall color palette and the design of your larger items, like the sofa, fireplace or bookcase. Rugs come in all sizes, materials and color options, so it won’t take you long to find the right one to freshen up your room.

Buy Decorative Pillows

To finish out the redesign of your room, add colorful throw pillows on the couch and chairs. Pillows are a great way to add bold colors to the space safely.

Doing any of these four projects will add new life to your living room without draining your wallet.


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