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4 Perks of an Above Ground Pool

If you’re shopping for a backyard pool, an above-ground option is well worth considering. Today’s models are available in a variety of sizes to fit any space and give you the water playground or relaxing oasis you have in mind. Here are a few of the perks for you to consider about this type of pool.

  1. Affordable

An above-ground pool has a much lower installation price tag than an in-ground model. This puts a pool in reach for water-lovers on a budget. It also leaves extra money to add in a splash of fun features like pool toys, lights, waterfalls, fountains, heaters or a deck. The cost of pool maintenance Pittsburgh is lower as well since all the mechanical parts are visible and easy to access.

  1. High-Quality

Just because the price of the pool is lower doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice quality. Today’s above-ground models are built to last thanks to technical advances in the galvanized steel frame, a variety of corrosion-protective finishes and ledges made of sturdy materials like resin. Most manufacturers back up their products with a multi-year warranty.

  1. Speedy

Once you’ve made your choice, your new pool can be installed quickly, sometimes in as little as one day. Even if you are considering buying a pool halfway through the summer, no waiting period is required after set-up, so you can jump in and enjoy the water right away.

  1. Movable

You don’t have to leave your pool behind if you relocate to another house. An above-ground model can be disassembled, transported and set up in your new location. This also gives you the flexibility to move the pool to another area in your yard or upgrade to a larger model later if you want to do so.

An above-ground pool offers many perks to consider when you’re ready to take the plunge and buy a pool for your backyard.

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