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4 Quick ways to increase your home’s value

Whether you are looking to remortgage or move on, we all want our home to be of a higher value. In relation to the former, it can allow us to release a little more equity, while in the case of the latter it naturally presents a brighter and bigger future when we look for our next move.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to speculate to accumulate. Granted, you might have to invest a little here and there, but before you consider knocking walls down or building another bedroom, take a read of the following tips which can show you four ways to quickly increase the value of your property.

Pink (or insert OTT color here) walls need to go

Your youngest daughter might love pink (or so might you). Unfortunately, when it comes to boosting value, you need to appeal to the masses.

Countless studies have shown that most people prefer neutral tones. While they might not keep said neutral tone, this at least de-personalizes a home and allows them to realize what it might be like to live in.

Curb appeal is something you better believe

If you have conducted any sort of research onto boosting your home’s value, you’ll have heard some terms that keep cropping up again and again. Curb appeal is one of these.

We’ll stay away from definitions for the purposes of today; this is meant to be a succinct guide. Put simply, making sure that your garden and front elevation of your home gives the best possible first impressions will do wonders for your home’s potential value, though. It can get people through the door and ultimately, this drives the famous supply versus demand formula which will drive your property price north.

It sometimes just takes a bunch of flowers

OK, bear with us for this next point. We’ve taken the flowers analogy as sometimes your home just needs an elusive finishing touch to provide it some freshness and suffice to say, flowers manage this pretty well.

You can order a bunch from Avas Flowers (there are some great Avas Flowers discounts on this page) and within a couple of days your home can have that vibrance and excitement that oh-so-many are missing. There are some Avas Flowers reviews to read on this page for those of you who might wish to compare against other, nearby florists.

As we have alluded to, flowers is just the tip of the iceberg though. A lick of paint plays the same part, as does the shrewd placement of ornaments (or other accessories). While many people focus on the hard-hitting changes when it comes to increasing their home’s value – it doesn’t always take this.

The little fixes matter

Following on from the previous point, nothing should ever be too small to fix. Think of the following scenarios

  • The caulk which has worn off around light switches
  • The doorknob which rattles
  • The tap which drips

In truth, the list could go on. Individually, these are not big deals, but pair them together and they can have a hugely negative effect on your property value. Tackle them all at once and the effect will be miraculous.

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