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4 Tips for Managing a New Landscape

Owning or renting a new home can be a very exciting time; it can also be a stressful time when creating your new environment, inside and out. Below are a few tips to help reduce this stress and make caring for your new landscape a little easier!

Establish Turf Areas

Turf is often the most prominent and most utilized piece of a home’s landscape. It is what many strive to promote the most, aiming for the ultimate lush green lawn. However, achieving this does require effort. For a new landscape, the areas for turf will need to be sodded and consistently cared for until established. For Lawn Care Charlotte, and many other cities, this will mean monitoring water, dropping new seed as necessary and clearing any unwanted weeds.

Protect Young Trees

If you are adding trees to your home’s landscape, some will need extra support while they grow larger and more sturdy into maturity. To help protect these developing trees from wind damage, and promote healthy structural growth, some will need to be staked. While not all trees will need to be staked, many with thin limbs or trunks will need this support to survive the elements and flourish. If your trees will need this extra support, be sure to install the stakes properly to prevent damaging your landscape, instead of helping.

Adjust Irrigation Systems

Like people, your plants, turf and trees will need to stay well hydrated to survive. With this in mind, it will be crucial to the health of your landscape to provide the right amount of water. Under-watering or over-watering can both pose serious risks to your lawn. If you have sprinklers installed, be mindful of how often they are running dependent on the season and weather, the same schedule will rarely work year-round. For instance, warm and dry weather will require you to run the system more frequently, while cold or wet weather may allow you to turn it off completely. If you are unsure about your landscape’s moisture levels, using a soil probe will allow you to test its hydration and adjust accordingly.

Pick The Right Plants

When selecting a plant palette for your new landscape, consider your climate and watering capabilities. Desert climates will need more heat-tolerant plants, while frigid environments will need those that better withstand frost damage. Making sure you have the right plants for your environment could go a long way to saving you struggle down the road!


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