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5 Advantages of Home Automation

A smart way to manage your devices and household appliances, home automation is transitioning into one of those necessary investments a homeowner should make. By integrating the control of all electronic devices and appliances in your house, this network of hardware and electronic interface makes your life both convenient and secure. Bringing the control of your house to your fingertips, the benefits of home automation are priceless and the makeover will change the way you look at your life at home.

Wondering why smart homes are one of the hottest topics in home improvement? Here are 5 advantages of home automation that will revolutionize the way you live at home.

  1. Provides Remote Access

The purpose of automating your house is to have better control and comfort at home. Do you always get back home and find out that the lights have been left on all day? Are you a homeowner who almost always forgets to turn off appliances after use? Home automation is a blessing that lets you control the utility features of your house from remote locations. Your devices or appliances are connected to a sensor and a Wi-Fi, bringing their control to your smartphones or tablets. You can now switch off your lights from your office or turn on the air conditioner prior to reaching the house during the summer. Also, the ease with which you can integrate a new smart appliance or device to the existing automation system is one of the biggest advantages of home automation.

  1. Reinforces Your security

From saving your house from disasters to monitoring your children when they are alone at home, home automation gives a homeowner a great sense of security. Pressure sensors, fire detectors, smart doorbells and locks, and smart security cameras are all advanced devices that can reinforce the security of your house. A smart doorbell has an attached camera to let you see the visitor on your smartphone without having to open the door. Smart locks use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate with you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Smart security cameras surpass the traditional ones by allowing you to access live footage from remote locations using Wi-Fi. Most of these cameras come with motion sensors, a wide field of view, and high resolution.

  1. Saves energy

This is one of the most important advantages of home automation. The devices used to automate your house have been designed smart enough to assess the wastage of energy and adjust their functions by themselves accordingly. A smart thermostat, for example, can assess the energy consumption and the outside temperature to decide how much heat or cooling you need inside your house. You can set the lights on timers and switch them off automatically. Smart lights these days come with motion sensors and can turn themselves off or on when a person enters or leaves.

  1. Saves Money on Utility Bills

Home automation systems not only make your life convenient but can also save a lot on your utility bills. You no longer have to worry if you forget to switch off your lights or turn off the faucet. Automated temperature controls these days only bother about rooms that are occupied by people, thereby cutting down on cost and energy consumption. Your lights and fans will never run longer than you need. Even water consumption is moderated smartly by smart faucets and showers that only work on motion sensors. The advantages of home automation also extend to your house insurance. Due to a low risk of theft, water, and fire damage, insurance companies often provide discounts to owners of smart homes.

  1. Enjoy Smart Entertainment

The applications of home automation are not confined to convenience and safety. With an automated entertainment system, you can now add more life to your entertainment at home. Why go traditional when you can view your favourite shows on a high-resolution screen with surround sound in the comfort of your house? Imagine waking up to your favourite music every morning instead of blaring alarms that kill your morning mood! You can also schedule programs that you want to watch and get notifications when they are aired. With an automated system, you can also monitor the content your children watch.

A typical installation of a home automation system involves connecting the system to power and a Wi-Fi network. You just need to download and install your system’s app on your smartphone and create an account for yourself. Connect your smart devices to the hub and set schedules and timers based on your convenience. Make sure your home automation system is expandable and most importantly compatible with the devices of other brands as well.

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