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6 Hacks To Get That Spa Tranquility at Home

There’s no denying that everyone’s lives are stressful these days. Who couldn’t use a day at the spa to unwind? Unfortunately, that may not be possible for some, but turning your home into a relaxing oasis is simple with these five hacks.

Use Essential Oils

Are you craving that spa aroma? Essential oils can do the trick, bringing you peace and tranquility simply by breathing deeply breathe. Whether you’re enjoying a steam shower or simply cleaning your kitchen, adding a few drops of your favorite oil to the water will instantly transform your mood.

Change Your Skincare Routine

If you’re used to a simple wash, moisturize and go routine for your skin, turn the daily task into a relaxation ritual. When you wash, use a circular motion to gently massage your face as you wash. Pat dry with a fluffy towel and apply your moisturizer in the same manner as the cleanser to enjoy feeling refreshed, relaxed and recharged.

Dress in Luxurious Loungewear

Many people find themselves changing out of their work clothes and into old sweats or pajamas when they get home. While there is certainly comfort in the familiarity, it may be time to swap out the old in favor of something new and luxurious-feeling. Purchasing a satin robe or plush pair of slippers to wear instead can improve your mood with relatively little expense.

Dim the Lights

It’s a fact that the right lighting can impact your mood, so dim the lights and reduce computer, tablet and phone use close to bedtime. During the day, opt for natural lighting when possible indoors and get plenty of sunshine by spending time outdoors.

Play Soft Music

Although your favorite podcast can be informative and stimulating, you may need to decompress from the day by playing soft music instead. Spas often have an ethereal soundtrack, but anything from your favorite genre that you find relaxing can do the trick.

Add New Features

You don’t have to completely renovate your home but can instead choose an upgrade or two that would add to your mental wellness. Add a fresh coat of paint in a calming color to your bedroom, install a water feature to your garden, or even build your own steam room to bring a little bit of the wellness spa into your home.

A weekend away at the spa is a wonderful experience. By using some simple tricks, you can escape to the spa without ever leaving your home.


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