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Deep Cleaning Your Home

Every now and then, you might notice your house looking a little dirtier than normal. Although you may clean it regularly, dust and dirt can start to pile up in areas that you don’t usually clean causing the whole house to look dirty. Here are a few things you may need to consider cleaning a little deeper.


One of the best ways to clean your house is to declutter it by really looking at what you have. Things can easily pile up over time, and you may not be aware of just how much you’ve accrued. You may need to consider getting rid of some of your stuff either by donating it to charity, giving it to friends and family, or selling it. Other things may just need to be repositioned in your home. If you don’t want to get rid of something but notice it doesn’t quite fit right in its spot, you may want to try to find somewhere it would fit better.


Taking the time to deep clean your furniture can be a tedious process. In order to get every part of it, you’ll most likely need to pull it out from its spot. If it has drawers, be prepared to empty and pull them out as well. This will allow you to give it a good dusting, and then you can go in with a specified cleaner for that piece. If it could use some new polish, don’t hesitate to do that step too.


An often forgotten, yet a vital thing to take care of in your home is its windows. Especially if you like to have them open a lot, you’ll need to make sure you are on top of cleaning them. Dust, dirt, and bugs will find a way to lodge themselves in your window tracks, so vacuuming those is one of the easiest ways to get rid of those things. If you can, remove your screens and give them a thorough rinse down. Wash both the inside and outside with glass cleaner and don’t forget to wipe down the sills.


Since they are one of the easiest and fastest parts of the house to get dirty, your floors will constantly need attention. While you may give them a weekly clean, sometimes they need to be deep cleaned, meaning you need to remove all the furniture and barriers that cover certain areas. Wood floors may need a steamer or new polish, while carpet shampooing is a must for any rugged areas.

A clean house can make one feel like they live in a castle with the vibe it gives off. These are just a few ways to make sure everything is sparkling.

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