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Five things to sanitize in your house daily

Whether it’s because of health worries due to the novel Coronavirus, or because it’s a proactive step towards good hygiene, sanitizing extensively used items can be a great method to make sure germs don’t spread.

Not only are ensuring the people you live with are less likely to infect each other, but you can also prevent a lot of issues from cropping up, related to commonly used objects around the house.

We have selected some of the top items you should consider sanitizing in your house, according to top cleaners in Glasgow, for a healthier living. Let’s get into it!

1.      Door handles

Given that door handles to see the most hand-on-hand indirect contact, sanitizing them during your daily house cleaning routine can prevent a build-up of germs from spreading across surfaces. Typically, using door handles is so natural that we forget we’re even doing it – and often don’t even consider the state of our hands.

However, sanitizing them daily will ensure you won’t accidentally bring something in. All handles are suspect here, so car doors, gate doors and even the mailbox handle. The more often a surface is touched, by multiple people, the more of a risk it is and should be cleaned with frequency.

2.      Your phone

The average brit uses their phone about two and a half hours a day. Smartphones have become so commonplace; we don’t even fully register their usage. Have you ever checked your phone to look at the clock, and then at once forgot the time?

That fact makes it even more important we sanitize them daily, say cleaning companies from Glasgow. Knowing that it can be a blind spot is the perfect reason to start cleaning it more often, as often we may not consider where our hand has been, before we click to view that text, for instance.

3.      TV remote

Your TV remote is also a likely culprit. Despite the lowering rates of TV-watching hours in a household, it stays one of the main contact points in the house. Think about it, every time the TV changes channels, gets turned on or off or even needs the volume adjusted, is the time a hand is in contact with the remote.

Given that it is a commonly used item across the entire household, it can often be a way for viruses to spread, unknowingly. Regular domestic cleaning of commonly used household items is the only way to make sure no infection can spread out.

4.      Light switches

Light switches hold a similar logic to the TV remotes – they see the biggest amounts of hand traffic, and as a result, tend to collect as many germs as possible. A spray disinfectant or a home-based solution is all it takes, given you supply the necessary time for the solution to work, which can range to a few minutes.

5.      Kitchen countertops

Often, kitchen counters can serve as a catch-all place to place anything you want for a short amount of time. Things like your phone, the keys or purses are not a rare occurrence to meet on a countertop, but these happen to also be some of the more infection-carrying varieties of items you own.

Now, what happens when you’re cooking? You’re working on the same countertop! There may be a problem here. Consider cleaning off daily, especially before starting cooking – of course, it’s not ideal to clean the place up before and after cooking, but it might be especially important for the health of your family.

No time for cleaning up the place yourself? Cleanifiq can find you the best domestic cleaning in Glasgow, that will make sure you and your family are safe, with light daily cleaning. It’s simple and efficient, so you can focus on the things you have to do.



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