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Hardwood Floors Are a Durable Path to Elegance

Are you looking to add elegance, durability and beauty to your home’s interior? Consider installing hardwood flooring.

The tones, patterns and light-reflecting qualities of wood in flooring can enhance any living room, dining room or bedroom, not to mention add beauty to hallways and staircases.

Research Options

Consulting with designers and professional interior flooring contractor Ramsey NJ installers, will be key to identifying options, preferences and costs. Looking at photographs in magazines and books, plus visits to see finished projects, will give you valuable information and spark your ideas.

Take time to look at many examples of hardwood flooring to figure out what is visually harmonious.

Consider Design Elements

Hardwood flooring is a foundational element in room design. The hue and texture of the flat surface will tie in furnishings and create an overall impression. Reactions to a well-designed room with coordinated flooring and furnishings will prompt impressions from “wow” to soothing feelings of a stylish yet comfortable home.

Start With the Basics

Many elements and ideas are involved in choosing a hardwood floor. Some tips on which initial factors to consider are below.

  1. The space: Is it a hallway or a room?
  2. Traffic: Is it a passageway or a gathering site?
  3. Windows: How much natural light is there?
  4. Furnishings: What styles and colors do you prefer?

Decide on Details

Woods come in a variety of grain patterns and earthy basic colors, which creates a multitude of options. Hardwood flooring is available in many wood types, including oak, hickory, pine, teak, pecan, beech, maple and mahogany.

Build a Living Space

Often a room’s floor is complemented with a rug, which becomes a focal point in creating an environment with furniture. Beiges, browns and grays are basic tones for flooring and some furniture. Artwork, accent pillows and draperies will complete the setting.

Enhance Home and Life

As an original installation or upgrade in renovations, deciding on hardwood flooring will be a product choice that provides years of service and be a key element to creating your most satisfying living spaces.


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