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How To Design Your Own Modern Pool Landscape

Designing your own pool landscape can be a daunting task. There are so many elements to consider and it can be difficult to know where to start. This blog post will give you some tips on how to get started with designing your perfect poolscape.

  1. Avoid Planting Grass Around Your Pool

The first thing you want to avoid when landscaping around your pool is installing grass. Although it looks great in the beginning, it will not be long before the weeds and bugs from nearby plants start creeping into your beautiful space. However, natural pool treatment can help you to keep these intruders at bay.

However, you can install ornamental grasses such as feather grass and lemongrass since they don’t need routine maintenance.

  1. Ensure The Pool Is Safe For Children

A pool is not complete without a fence around it to keep children safe from harm. Fences should be at a height that makes sure no one can climb up, and they must also have gates with latches or locks in place so kids are unable to get out on their own accord.

  1. Install String Lighting Around The Pool

Some people enjoy sitting outside at night to read, chat or play games. String lighting around the pool will give your backyard a romantic feel and make it look more inviting for guests.

The lights should be placed about six feet from the edge of the water’s surface so they are not submerged in case there is a power outage. They also need to be above eye level as well so you do not have any reflections on them while swimming.

  1. Stone Slab Walk Way To The Pool

The most popular walkway material is flagstone. The stones come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be purchased at many home improvement stores at an affordable price.

Flagstones are beautiful, sturdy, textured, and will give your pool entrance the rich look you want to achieve. They’re also quite easy to maintain with just a good sweeping or pressure washing every few months as needed.

There’s no special installation required other than using sand or gravel on the ground below so that when it rains water doesn’t get under them which would mean extra maintenance costs down the line.

  1. Wooden Pallet Furniture

Wooden Pallet Furniture is becoming more and more popular as the world becomes even more conscious of sustainability. A great idea for your pool area would be to use these pallets in different ways, such as an outdoor table or benches. You can also make a sturdy deck with them by attaching them together side-by-side on their long edges.

  1. Install A Rock Garden

You might be wondering, what is a rock garden? Much like the name states, it is a garden made up of rocks. Typically people will install boulders at the base and then layer them with smaller stones to create texture.

Rock gardens are popular for their natural look that blends in well with water features and forests or other outdoor elements such as plants and trees. You can also use different types of stone accents including flat slabs to add more depth to your design.


These ideas are a great place to start when you are designing your own modern pool landscape. Keep in mind that the actual landscaping will need more attention than the pools themselves, so make sure this is taken care of before diving into too many design details for specific plants and materials.

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