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Maps are the new trend in adult bedroom décor

Home décor is something fun but it could become challenging when you cannot decide on which style you have to pick for your decoration. There are plenty of options that you can look for and apply a number of them in your house decoration. You could mix and match the ideas from all the styles and then use them in various parts of the house.

When it comes to the design and décor of your bedroom, you have to be super conscious. Because you want the bedroom to be cozy and comfortable, yet you want it to display your taste, interest and style as well.

So here we have got you a new idea. The use of the maps for the decoration of the adult bedrooms.

Use a large world map on the headboard wall

This is the main wall of your bedroom, so putting a large sized world map on this wall, would create a beautiful effect that would depict your style. You could use a black and white map of the world that you could scheme up with the rest of the things in the room. Everything in the grayscale, would give your room something more than just a normal room.

You could also go for the vintage maps and pair them up with some vintage photos from the store or some of your own old photos framed to create a new look on the wall.

The fully colored and bright maps are also an option when you have to give a bright color scheme to your bedroom. Compliment it with the best and cool colored bedspread and other items and enjoy.

Use small framed maps to complement it with the color scheme

Next you can make use of the small sized maps that you could place on the wall and all are framed as well. now that you have a color scheme for the room, getting the maps that are similar in the scheme with the other objects is going to give a nice blend of all the items. You could frame some old pictures or some old atlas pages as well.

Get on to something other than the walls

Yes, the maps could be anywhere as you want them. They could be on the lamp shades and the lamp bases, they could be on the curtains, they could be decoupage to the furniture and you could even use them for the making of the cushion and pillow covers. So get creative and use the maps wherever you want because it is the latest trend and it makes all your bedroom look classy.

If you are too much into the maps and travelling, pairing the maps up with the vintage truck table tops is going to be a great idea as well. All you have to do is to place the old trunk on the table top and see the beautiful effect that it creates.

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