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Some of The Amazing Home Decorating Ideas Using Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

While renovating your home with lights, flush mount ceiling lights are an elegant, trendy and decorative piece of fixture. To experience the utmost artistic effect and brightness, you must carefully select the right flush mount lighting system for each room of your home.

Sofary in Seattle, Washington, has all kinds of quality lighting from all across the world. Their product ranges from traditional to contemporary chandeliers for all spaces. They provide reliable and low-priced premium quality products that are sourced from top manufacturers. The customer care service and expert designers are available 24/7 to assist you.

If you are looking for alternative chandelier designs to flush mounts, then you must check out their luxury spiral raindrop chandelier. It is designed to look like the enchanting solar system spiraling downwards, and is fitted with LED bulbs. You will not see such exquisitely designed chandleries in any other lighting stores. It is ideal for home entries and foyers, and you can buy this product only at Sofary online store.

They also provide a wide range of flush mount lighting on their website. These types of lightings give an ultra modern look to your homes.

How to select the right flush mount lighting?

There are few important parameters to determine the right shape, size and brightness of your flush mount LED ceiling light.

  1. Size of your room – It helps you to know the required brightness to sufficiently light each corner. You can calculate the right voltage and number of bulbs to install in the fixture.
  2. Height of the ceiling – Knowing the exact height of the ceiling, you can select the right color temperature of lighting fixture.
  3. Wall paint colors – This will help you to choose the suitable color temperature range required to match with the interior wall color. The right selection will add extra artistic beauty to your room.
  4. Installing place – It plays an important role for effective lighting and designing effects. You must keep a proper spacing between the wall and the lighting fixtures. For instance, installing them over the shower in your bathroom will create dull lighting effects. Also, flush mount lighting over the wardrobe will generate large shadows.

What are the few flush mount LED ceiling light decorating ideas for every room?

Flush mount ceiling lights are a great idea for aesthetic decoration of each room. Here are few flush mount fixture types to decorate some of your rooms.

  1. Bathroom – A round flush mount blue LED ceiling light with waterproof grading and dimmers will glare your bathroom. The blue LED light will provide soothing and calming effects, and creates a contemporary aesthetic interior design for your bathroom. These fixtures are best suited for damp locations like bathroom.
  2. Foyer

A small entryway or foyer can be illuminated well with a square flush mount modern design ceiling light. It impacts the visitors with a warm welcoming note and mesmerizing entrance. You can install a spiral raindrop flush mount ceiling light for a larger foyer to showcase your luxurious lifestyle and elegant personality.

  1. Kitchen

A kitchen is the ideal place for a low-profile modern flush mount mini crystal chandelier. It adds more ambient light and beauty to your kitchen, and works well as task lighting

  1. Living room

You can glow your large living room with a double layer spiral flush mount lighting for a relaxing and loving conversation with your loved ones. It will attract the visitor’s eye for its aesthetic and beautiful lighting effects.

  1. Bedroom

A multi-layer rectangular flush mount ceiling light with dimmer will create a vintage look for your master bedroom. It provides a romantic, relaxing and artistic feel with better sleeping experiences.

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