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The Pros of Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

When you have foundation issues, hiring a company to come evaluate and repair your home is a smart move. Your home is a massive investment, and it’s important to get it right the first time. A foundation repair company is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting the best care for your home and its value. Here are some benefits of hiring a foundation repair company:

Hiring a foundation repair company is a long-term investment

If you’re planning to remain in your home for a long period of time, then hiring a foundation repair company is a smart move. When a home is well-built and maintained, then it can last for many years. However, when an issue occurs with a home’s foundation, it can have major long-term consequences. Foundation issues can lead to rot in the roof, walls, and other parts of the home. This is because the foundation is the first thing touching the soil. As the foundation rots, it compromises the integrity of the rest of the structure above it. A foundation repair company can also save you money in the long run if you avoid having to upgrade your home’s foundation. For example, if a repair is needed on a concrete foundation, then your home may be able to remain on that foundation. However, if the issue is with the brick or stone foundation, then you may have to replace it.

Foundation repair companies have the specialized training and equipment

When a foundation repair company performs a repair, then they have to do it right. This is because their customers rely on them to complete the job correctly. If you have a cracked foundation, for example, then you need to have it fixed properly. Cracks that are poorly repaired will expand over time and eventually cause the rest of your foundation to fail. Foundation repair companies are constantly being trained on new technology and methods. This is because there is constant improvement in the home building and foundation repair industries. For example, composite materials are becoming more reliable and durable. So, when a foundation repair company’s equipment is outdated, they can stay in business by upgrading their fleet and software.

Foundation repair companies are insured

Perhaps the most important benefit of hiring a foundation repair company is that they’re insured. This means that they’re responsible for their jobs. If something goes wrong during a repair, then the homeowner can file a claim with the company’s insurance company. The company will pay for the repairs that were not done right the first time. Foundation repair companies are required to carry general liability insurance. This covers the company for any claims that their workers make. A good foundation repair company will have a $1 million policy. This covers the workers who are on the job and against any injuries that occur. Foundation repair companies also carry worker’s compensation insurance which covers the workers who are on the job if they sustain injuries. A good company will have $25,000 in coverage for workers’ compensation.

Foundation repair companies have the expertise to fix your home

A foundation repair company will perform a number of inspections on your home before they start any repairs. This will help them to diagnose the source of the damage, as well as the severity. This will help them to determine the work that they need to perform in order to remedy the issues. They’ll use a variety of tools, including a digital level, straightedge, and sledgehammer. They’ll also use a computerized level to ensure that they’re level when performing the inspection. A foundation repair company will also pull up your yard’s soil and inspect the subgrade for your property. The subgrade is the layer of soil immediately below the foundation. It’s usually a layer of compacted soil. When it’s damaged, it can affect the rest of your home’s foundation.

Foundation repair companies offer a warranty

While a foundation repair company is working on your home, then they’re taking it apart and putting it back together. This is a lot of work that can cause damage. So, foundation repair companies will offer a warranty on their services. This means that if everything is done to your home and the foundation repair company makes a mistake, then you’ll get it fixed free of charge. The warranty is important in the event that the repair company makes a mistake. For example, if they crack your slab when they shouldn’t have. The warranty protects you in this scenario because they’d have to crack the whole slab in order to fix it. This may be too much of a hassle for the homeowner.

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