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Unique Ways to Make Festivals Fun

Outdoor festivals are a great opportunity to get out of the house and spend a day enjoying the arts. Whether it’s a music festival, cultural celebration, or even a simple art walk, there are tons of things to see and enjoy at every fete. Especially for those all day festivals, you might wonder what else there is to do besides just listening to bands or enjoying the festivities. If you’re looking for alternative entertainment to fill in those down time moments, consider these few tips.

Be an Example

Festivals can get messy. Take out containers, beverage cups or cans, and napkins can start flying around the area in no time. So while you’re making your way to the food stands or the mobile restroom trailers, pick up a few items as you go and toss them in the trash. You just might set an example and encourage other people to do the same. This can keep the area clean and enjoyable for other festival-goers and also make the clean-up crew’s work a little easier when the fun is all said and done.

Make Some Friends

Another easy way to kill time is to get to know the people around you. When you pick a home base at an outdoor festival, you’re almost guaranteed to have neighbors. Instead of trying to stay distant and keep to your own space, introduce yourself and start a conversation. You might just find a new friend and then the two groups can share resources and enjoy the festival together. You can use this technique anywhere, such as when you’re watching bands or meeting artists too.

Festivals are fun-filled opportunities to set a good example for others and make some new friends, so try out these tips next time you’re enjoying the sun, culture, and music.


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