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Ways to Transport Valuables for Moving

Wrapping and packing valuables for moving can be a tedious process. Taking shortcuts might mean something gets broken or ruined. If certain items are especially meaningful to you, either sentimentally or monetarily, it’s best to take care of them for the journey.

Use Professional Packers

One way to make sure your items get the white-glove treatment is to hire professional packers. Often your moving company will offer wrapping services Peterborough ON as an add-on to the shipping and hauling. Professional packers have been trained to deal with delicate items and will use packing materials specific for the job. If requested, they can complete an inventory of each item they pack. In addition, professional packers carry insurance in the event something does get broken.

Ship Separately

Instead of loading your valuable items onto a big moving truck with the rest of your furniture, you can also ship the items separately ahead of time. If the number of items is small, you can take them to a shipping office and request help in boxing up the items. Pack and ship stores carry several different-sized boxes as well as packing material.

Pack and Carry Yourself

Some people prefer to always keep their special pieces with them. If this is how you feel, you will want to pack the items well and transport them in your own car. When packing items yourself, it’s often possible to use extra pillows and blankets as cushioning between each piece. It’s still best to secure fragile pieces within a sturdy box and then within the car because you never know when you’ll have to stop short. If items are loose, they could crash around the car and break. Using seat belts, bungee cords and tie-down netting are all options for car or trunk travel.

Transporting valuables is part of almost every move. Consider your options for getting your treasures safely from point A to point B.


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