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What Is The Best Water Temperature For a Swimming Pool

Finding the optimal temperature for your pool is difficult as the weather fluctuates throughout the year. Making sure that your water temperature can be safe as well as conducive to a balanced chemical environment is important. Under the United States water fitness Association, the water temperature in a pool for the elderly and younger children will generally need to be in a warmer tent pitcher from 84 to 94°F. Comfortable pool temperatures are usually between 85 to 89°.

Choosing a lower water temperature for your pool such as 82° water and lower is perfect for athletic training, this is often the favored temperature for intensive aqua fit or competitive swim teams. Choosing 86 to 88° water is usually the best idea if you have younger kids are just learning how to swim. Warmer water temperatures of 90 to 92° are often the best solution for tai chi in the water or for aging populations. Keeping these water temperatures warmer for new swimmers is a great idea because it can prevent cramping and other issues. It’s much easier to learn how to move and swim in warmer water and it can make sure that the chemical balance can be a lot easier.

If you choose to increase the temperature of your pool, it’s likely that you can increase the number of activities that you could do in the pool, but it could come with some extra challenges with balancing chemicals in keeping chlorine in your pool.

The best water temperature really comes down to your overall preference. Experimenting with various temperatures can make sure that you end up with something that can be comfortable and able to offer you a better experience with chemical balance in your pool too.

If you need assistance in picking the perfect temperature and heating options, we can help you with finding the ideal balance today.

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