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Wow-Factor Home Accents

Home is where the heart is. Unexpected home décor pieces add pops of culture and personal flair to any space. All homes, from studio apartments to spacious mansions, can benefit from unexpected home styling. Check out these four ways to add one-of-a-kind accents to make décor a personal style statement.

Reclaimed Game

Refurbished pieces add texture to both modern and traditional spaces. Reclaimed wood stands out among a crowd of mass-produced furniture while providing strength and durability for years to come. Consider a custom-made wood table or bench to provide functional style. Reclaimed wood can also add interest to walls as hanging décor, or tabletops with rustic wooden bowls or reclaimed candle holders.

Antique Accents

History can bring a room to life, no matter how old or dusty a piece may appear on the surface. Antiques from all time periods and countries can add loads of charm and uniqueness to a given space. If your space is more feminine, opt for French and Renaissance-era antique finds, such as Louis XIV chairs. Modern rooms may benefit from 1950s or 1970s antiques to mix with transitional furniture styles. Antiques, such as large chests or buffet tables, provide excellent storage options in living rooms or bedrooms. One might also consider adding history to the floorboards with antique rugs atlanta.

Four Walls

Consider non-art pieces, such as vintage maps, photographs, or botanical sketches, to add interesting conversation starters on your walls. Live in a city steeped with history? Explore your local library for old street maps and topography reports that connect to your local neighborhood. With library permission, create scans and prints to frame living history on your walls for years to come. Antique renderings with pen and pencil always add a level of authenticity to a home’s walls. Family heirlooms can also serve as fresh, unexpected wall décor.

Nooks and Crannies

The smallest accessories can make all the difference in a room. Examine your current rooms for areas lacking color or texture. Commons spaces in need of love include fireplace mantels, coffee tables, or foyers. Add simple elegance with a vase, decorative sphere, misshapen bowl, or unusual figurine. Visit local gift stores to add a flair of local, handmade interest to your home.

All home sizes and styles can benefit from one-of-a-kind accents. Take your home from drab to fab with these easy ideas. Don’t forget to show off your new style on social media so others can learn from your great ideas.

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