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3 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for Your First Dog

Buying or adopting a dog can be an exciting opportunity. It takes a little bit of care and planning to ensure that your home is prepared for your canine companion. Here are a few things you should collect before bringing home your new dog.

Cozy Kennel

Animal kennels Glen Allen VA are a must for a new furry friend. Whether you choose a small indoor crate or a spacious enclosed outdoor kennel, your dog will need a space of its own. Choose a crate or kennel that is completed enclosed (even on top) to prevent jumping or climbing out. Consider adding a simple lock or dog-proof clip on the crate/kennel door to ensure there are no unexpected escapes. In the case of an outdoor kennel, if it does not have a solid roof you will also need to add a smaller shelter inside to offer protection from the elements.

Comfy Bed

Dogs love having a bed of their own, especially if you won’t be allowing them on the furniture. A plush dog bed or cushion in both your indoor and outdoor spaces can help your dog feel at ease in its new home.

Potty Supplies

If your new dog will be spending any time indoors, it will need a place to do its business every few hours, so plan to have a potty area prepared in advance. Disposable pee pads, dog litter box or porch potty solutions are all great options, but you might prefer simply taking your dog outside to go on a specific patch of grass. In any case, have a plan in place.

Proving for a furry friend is a rewarding and fun challenge. By making preparations in advance and acquiring the equipment needed, your pooch will more quickly adapt to its new home, giving you more time to enjoy your new friend.


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