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Benefits of a Residential Fire Sprinkler System

Most people do not have a fire sprinkler system in their personal residence. While not a popular option, many perks come along with the installation of a fire protection system in your home. The added safety measure of a sprinkler system comes with peace of mind that you have taken every precaution to protect your family and belongings from the threat of fire.

Added Protection

A full residential sprinkler system adds protection for you and your family. Generally, all homes are equipped with smoke alarms. Smoke alarms alert you to a fire in your home but do nothing to stop the spread of the fire to other parts of your house. One small flame can spread through an entire room in less than three minutes, so when talking about being protected from a residential fire, smoke alarms cannot be considered enough.

Hidden in Ceilings

Residential fire sprinkler systems, unlike those found on commercial real estate, are generally hidden in the ceiling. So if you are worried about the aesthetic of your home, never fear! Employing a fire protection company San Diego CA to install a sprinkler system in your home will not add ugly pipes and sprinkler heads to your dining room, it will only add safety and peace of mind.

Sprinklers Activated by Heat

To avoid unnecessary engagement of the sprinkler system, residential sprinkler systems are activated by heat as opposed to simply smoke. So rest assured, burning the remainder of the pizza off the bottom of the oven won’t end with the catastrophe of drenched household possessions.

Individually Activated

In addition, each sprinkler head installed in the ceiling of your residential fire system is activated individually. This adds protection against accidental employment of the sprinkler system and allows the sprinklers to deploy only where a fire is occurring.

Immediate Action 

The threat of fire requires immediate action. A smoke alarm with a real threat of fire sets off a chain of events: identification of a fire, a call to the fire department, and firefighters being deployed, which all takes time. However, when fighting fires immediate action matters. A residential sprinkler system will save much more of your home and possessions from harm, and could even save your life, as homes with sprinkler systems give the individuals living inside an 80% reduced risk of personal death from fire.

Residential fire protection systems are not a common feature in homes, but should not be overlooked as a necessary safety feature. A residential water sprinkler system will save you from fire damage and could even save your life!


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