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Best Ideas for Artistic Clay Roofing for a Beautiful Home

When thinking about repairing your home’s roofing, different ideas come to mind. However, the goal of a repair is to improve your home’s exterior appearance and structure. Every beautiful home has value for the people who live in it. Apart from comfort, safety, and space, a good home is built to offer an aesthetic appeal and attract people’s attention.

Regarding visual appeal, there is nothing that matches the aesthetics of clay tiles’ superiority. Since ancient times, clay roof tiles have withstood all tests of time and are still inevitable in the eyes of builders, homeowners, and architects because of their durability and appealing appearance. They are a preferred roofing solution, especially for sloped roof designing. It is found in varieties including colors, patterns, finishing, and profiles. Below are four types of clay roofing ideas you can choose for visual appeal for your house;

Play with Colours 

A variety of colors can be used when deciding to use clay roof tiles. There are many colors, including red, brown, and green, and the clay roofs, glazed or matted, bestowed on an elegant home. You can choose to mix the colors into a distinctive appearance. For instance, you can have grey tiles embedded on a home painted white with a bit of the dark. Clay tiles offer a range of colors, finishes, and fittings that create a perfect look.

Shapes and Patterns

There are different patterns and shapes of roofing designs depending on the requirements of the roofing repair. You can use the S-shaped roof tiles which are used for giving a classic look, especially when combined with a sloped roof design. Other roof clay tiles that are immersing in popularity are the turret roofs and the fan-shaped roofs. There are also Wienerberger’s clay roof tiles that are also used by fast roof repair in Arlington VA, that provides a range of patterns and shapes, such as plain tiles, flemish tiles, monk, and nun tiles.


How builders use clay roof tiles to build homes creates a huge difference. If properly positioned, clay roofs provide a charming and alluring look. Instead of being used only for main roofs, they can be extended to balconies and window shades. Even the entrance of a home can have colorful clay roof tiles balancing the impact of home architectural design. With qualities such as durability. Unique look and feel, sustainability and insulation, and clay roof tiles are some of the best to use for great positioning.

Mixture of Everything

A design can mix almost everything from an ancient, modern, and contemporary feel. There are times designers give a home an amalgamation of both rural and urban touches of clay tiles for home roofs. Clay roof tiles are good, giving a home an elegant mix of traditional and modern charm.

Let’s hope these ideas offer know-how and a way forward to choosing and installing the best designs for clay roofing tiles for an elegant and appealing appearance of the home!

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