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Your door locks may seem secure to you, but they may not be secured to that burglar who has been eyeing your home as their next target. Moreover, there are other circumstances, such as loaning your key to someone that warrant you to change the door locks. If you encounter such cases, you should immediately contact Bromley locksmiths to change your locks. Here are the circumstances or reasons you need to change your locks.

When you move into a new house

The number one reason you should change your locks is when you move into a new house. As soon as you close the costs on your new home, the first thing on your mind should be to change the locks before moving in. You don’t want to get from work and find the previous owner’s relative or friend comfortably sitting in your house. Plus, the previous owner may have stalker friends who may pry on your home, unknowingly thinking that their friend still lives there. To avoid such situations, install new locks as soon as you move into a new house.

When you lose your keys

Another reason to change your locks is when you lose your keys. Everyone has gone through that confusing moment of losing keys once in their lifetime. You search for them at the exact spot you left them sometimes, you don’t get them, but at times you fish them out from somewhere they seem to have been hidden. Instead of getting worried about who found your keys and what might happen, having a professional locksmith install new locks in your doors gives you peace of mind.

You experienced a burglary attempt.

It is quite apparent that you should change your door locks if you experienced a burglary attempt in your house. Your house may have just been a random target, but it could be a potential target if you don’t strengthen your security. That may have been a security test, and you will want to call a professional to install new strong locks. That ensures that even if the burglar returns, your house is safe.

If you loaned your key to someone

If you loaned your house keys to a repairman, service provider, or a tenant and they never gave it back, you should change the door locks. Chances are they might have forgotten to give you back the keys, but you never know what they might do. To be on the safe side, change the door locks, and have peace of mind.

If you divorced, separated, or had a dispute with your partner.

If you live with your spouse and divorce or separate or have a dispute, it is only safe to change the locks if you don’t trust them anymore.  Again, if you live with your friend and fall out, you should also change the locks when they leave. In the course of heated emotions, it is easy for someone you once trusted to access the house, take possessions, or cause harm.

The locks are old and worn out.

If you have trouble opening the door because the locks are rusty, old, or worn out, you should make an appointment with a locksmith to change your locks.

The bottom line

Generally, if you haven’t changed your locks in a long time, it is always advisable to change them. It is an opportunity to acquire new advanced locks and also have peace of mind.

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