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Common, But Easy to Miss Signs of an HVAC Problem

When it comes to heating and air conditioning Denver residents recognize the fact that there is nothing more important than the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation for your family’s comfort. So, the sooner you identify a problem with your HVAC system, the easier and less expensive it is to fix it. Unfortunately, some early warning signs may be easy to miss, but knowing what to look for may help you catch HVAC problems that may otherwise go unnoticed until it’s time for expensive repairs. To help you catch problems early, here are a few of the most common, but easy to miss signs of an HVAC problem.

Excessive Condensation

There are a number of different reasons why there is condensation on the windows, most of which is nothing unusual or anything to be concerned about. However, if you are noticing more condensation than usual, especially if there isn’t an obvious cause, it’s something you should be concerned about. Excessive condensation on the windows may be the result of poor ventilation in the bathroom, laundry room, attic, or kitchen. An HVAC professional can identify issues with the ventilation and recommend ways the HVAC system can benefit from better ventilation and reduce the condensation.

Constant Headaches

If you and/or your family are experiencing constant headaches and the symptoms of a cold, it may be caused by your HVAC system. Poor ventilation can lead to mold growth, which can make your family sick. As the heat and air are blown through the vents and into your home, if there is mold, the spores can be blown in with the air. A carbon monoxide leak can also cause symptoms that are similar to a cold or allergies. If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak, it is critical that you get it repaired immediately.

Increased Energy Costs

If your monthly electric bills are typically close in cost, but you’ve noticed a significant increase in energy costs, it may be caused by your HVAC system working harder than it needs to. Although there are going to months when the energy bills are slightly higher than normal, such as the air conditioner is turned down lower than normal because of extreme heat, in most situations, your average energy bills shouldn’t have a large, sudden increase. In some situations, it’s only a small problem, such as a dirty filter that’s causing the HVAC system to work harder than normal. The best solution is to have the system inspected to ensure there aren’t any problems that should be repaired.

Strange Noises

Your HVAC system is a complex piece of “machinery”, so you’ll probably hear noises every now and then, but if any noise that doesn’t sound normal, such as the furnace kicking on. You should investigate the noise as soon as possible. In many situations, noises, such as squealing or whining, may indicate a broken belt, so it’s important to find the cause and make the repairs as soon as possible.

The HVAC system can present a wide range of problems that you may not even recognize as being caused by your heating and air conditioning. For instance, garbage typically doesn’t smell good at any time, but if the odor lately is worse than usual. It may be due to poor ventilation. It’s important to have routine inspections and maintenance on the HVAC system to avoid any unexpected problems.


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