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Condo Buildings: Advantages of Combining Several Apartments

Thinking about how to combine a couple of apartments to make your home bigger and more comfortable? Many owners think about it because it allows them to furnish their dream homes. Most often, people who are accustomed to their apartment, aren’t going to leave it soon, or simply haven’t found a better option for relocation do it. Nowadays, this method is considered beneficial since there are not so many offers of luxury houses. I will tell you all the nuances that you need to consider when combining a flat.

Why Merge Apartments?

Although the real estate market is quite large, most people make such a decision because there might not be so many choices they like, and some of them do not always suit them in terms of cost. Therefore, the best option is to buy the neighboring apartments and combine them further, though this can lead to overpaying for such a service at times.

  1. There are different options for connecting apartments, both horizontal and vertical, all of which mean an increase in the house area. Such a process can hardly be called an easy solution since it takes a lot of nerves and time to do everything correctly. You should take into account that not all apartments are compatible with each other, and if you decide to merge them, you need to hire an architect who will examine the spot and tell you about the inconveniences and the cost of the whole process.
  2. It is sometimes cheaper to buy two one-room apartments and combine them than to purchase a two-room apartment. Also, you can often get a discount on such a service as you are raising the square footage of your house and thus show that you are going to pay debts in this place. Through this process, you can make your life easier. You neither need to look for a new apartment nor make a decision to sell the current one, which is a rather tedious process that requires a lot of time. Another huge plus is that you do not have to leave your beloved and familiar place of residence.

You also need to take into account all the disadvantages of such apartments. This might be the layout of the building that you do not like and the necessity to pay more monthly fees than usual. For good planning, it is best to merge apartments of a newer type as they have a suitable architecture. Also, you have to be aware that the cost of a square foot might rise in price or become cheaper. If you suddenly want to sell the house, this might not cover the costs spent on it.

Benefits of a Condo Building

This decision allows you to enlarge your home, create more rooms, adjust them as you like, and make a great renovation in the end. This option is suitable for those who have a huge family, so their current apartment might not be enough for them. You can also create the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of by allocating the space you need for it and making a bathroom there or installing a toilet in a separate room. The most common models in condo buildings are those by American Standard and Kohler brands, but everything depends on your desire. By looking through American Standard vs Kohler reviews, you can find out which toilet is right for you and which pros and cons they have.

More Space—More Opportunities

It also allows you to expand your current kitchen by making it more spacious. It might come in handy if you didn’t have enough space for a dishwasher or something else. You won’t have to think about where to install this or that appliance if your kitchen provides enough space for them. If you decide to split your apartment vertically, you can make yourself a second floor that you might have been dreaming of and adjust it to your life circumstances.

How Long Does the Process of Merging Apartments Take?

First, you should discuss the integration process with the homeowner, provide them with all the necessary data such as drawings from an architect, and ask for their approval to start the integration work. You also have to discuss the time, how long the work will take, and the term in which it will be carried out. You can learn all these details from your architect who will draw up plans for winning apartments for you.

  • A building with concrete columns is much easier to merge since transitions in the ceiling height and the floors are the same in it. The process of vertical joining is much more complicated than horizontal because you need to make a ladder for it, which means that it also takes a certain amount of time. You have to allocate money for it, which makes the work even more expensive, especially if you have to create a staircase to the second floor. For this, you have to hire civil engineers.
  • As for horizontal joining, everything is much simpler and cheaper there. You only have to remove one wall and install a door. This determines the deadline by which the work should be ready. Although the procedure might seem simple and quick to complete at first, in the end, you might spend a lot of time and energy.

Make Your Home More Spacious

Now you are aware of the nuances and advantages that await you when combining apartments. This is an extensive process, but in the end, you might be very satisfied as it gives you more opportunities in your home. It all depends on your desire and approach to this matter. If you are well-prepared, this process will be carried out quickly and without overpaying for the services.

How would you prefer to merge your apartments, vertically or horizontally? What can you advise those who are going to proceed with this business? Tell us about it in the comments.

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