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Hitachi Launches New Range of ACs with Aesthetic Features and Innovative Technology

Hitachi is an already established brand having more than 30 years of legacy in India. As a part of its growth strategy after the joint venture between Johnson Controls, U.S. and Hitachi, Japan, the company has taken new initiatives to strengthen the company’s leadership in the market.

Hitachi has always created technology and products that reflect the beauty of the environment so you get the greatest comfort possible. Every aspect of this new inspired product range has been specifically crafted to nurture your love for nature and fulfill your desire for the new with this Hitachi aims to bring a revolution in Indian AC industry.

Since 1952, Hitachi’s cooling and heating technology has been appreciated for making life more harmonious worldwide. There precise Japanese engineering ensures that no details are overlooked to create a masterpiece.

Now, let’s check out the new range of air conditioners that is inspired by nature and art and comes with innovative technology.

Inspired by Nature

The Iconic Wave: Inspired by wave that represents progressivity; a shape that is carved by the forces of the air. The all-new generations of air conditioners have artistic curve that accentuates the aesthetics and complements the flat panel and make it blend effortlessly with your surroundings.

Ambience light: Inspired by the seasons of the year the ambience light is an immersive display on the AC showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship and colors that tune with the temperature. Know your ambience be it cold, comfort or warm with Hitachi’s first ever ambience light and get the comfort you desire. Enjoy in an environment where everything else falls in place as the temperature is perfect.

  • Cool Ambience: When the temperature is set between 16 to 23 °C the ambience light displays blue color which represents the coolness of the surrounding.
  • Comfort Ambience: When the temperature is set between 24 to 27 °C the ambience light displays green color which represents comfortable surroundings. It shows that the environment is neither too hot nor cold but just perfectly comfortable.
  • Warm Ambience: When the temperature is set between 28 to 32 °C the ambience light displays red color which represents the warmth of the surrounding and indicate that the environment is cozy.

Japanese Culture

Fusion Line: Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese art form that means golden rejoining. It is a technique of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary and can beautify any piece of work.

The Kintsugi-inspired fusion line on Hitachi’s air conditioner is a gold-colored line that accentuates the pure white panel with its golden shine. So, you don’t just mount an air conditioner but you add a piece of art to your wall.

Transforming with Innovative Technologies

FrostWash Technology| iFresh: The dust that gets accumulated on the coil over a period affects the AC’s performance and also sometimes water is dripped that forms bad odor. Hitachi’s unique FrostWash technology creates frost on the IDU coil with the help of dew collected from air moisture and after some time, the frost melts and drains out the dust particles, bacteria, and mold from the IDU coil; thus, providing the dried and clean coil offering fresh air again.

airCloud home | Wi-Fi enabled AC

With Hitachi airCloud Home mobile app you can remotely monitor and control your system through smart phone app or with voice command on AI speakers, (Google home and Amazon Alexa) or on phone.

Smart-Fence: You can connect your AC to your geo-location with the Smart-Fence feature and enjoy the benefits of scheduling AC on/off before you arrive/ after you leave your space.

For enabling Smart-Fence you just have to set your Smart-Fence perimeter from 500m to 10km around your house, select your preferred AC behavior as you leave or enter your Smart-Fence perimeter and enjoy smarter air, from anywhere. You will get Smart-Fence activation notifications on your phone and to other pre-defined users’ automatically. You can adjust the AC temperature or reset Smart-Fence any time from your airCloud Home app.

Save Energy: The intuitive scheduling options work around your needs. With simple timer before bed save energy while you sleep, and use the weekly timer to schedule AC operation around your daily routine.

Easy Controls: The airCloud Home app comes with user-friendly interface and allows you to create comfort directly from your smart phone.


Hitachi’s all new range of air-conditioners accentuates the aesthetics and complements the sheer white flat panel, making it blend effortlessly with the surroundings. Hitachi is the forerunner of AC technologies and has offered environment-friendly features.

With the rising urbanization and technological innovation, air quality is becoming one of the major concerns, especially in the big cities; keeping this in mind Hitachi ACs come with Frostwash technology to clean the coil and keep away foul odors. Finally, for the tech-savvy users these ACs can be controlled through an app that gives them the liberty to manage AC simply by clicking the phone.

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