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How To Create a Nostalgic Feel at Home

These days you can decorate your home in any style imaginable, but people seem to always gravitate towards nostalgia. This type of decor transports you back to an era you love, creating comfort and coziness. If you’d like to return to a special time, here’s how to create a nostalgic feel inside your home.

Retro Appliances

A retro appliance added to just the right spot in your kitchen makes a stunning conversation piece. For example, bring home a 1950s stove and refrigerator, or a classic harvest gold appliance from the 70s. Many of these pieces have stood the test of time and mesh well alongside your modern appliances.

Old-Style Lighting

Certain lighting can transform the feel of an entire room. Bring a historical period alive once again with the use of Edison bulb lighting Kansas City. The soft glow of Edison bulbs are reminiscent of the first bulbs ever used and are great for hanging inside the home or as a decoration on your deck or patio.

Art Deco Furniture

Another great way of channeling the past is through a piece of art deco furniture. This could be with a stylish wooden cabinet, sofa or a 1950s chrome dinette set for the kitchen. Besides looking fantastic, these pieces are so well-built you’ll have them for decades more.

Vintage Maps

There’s just something comforting about a vintage map that conjures images of old-style libraries and treasure hunts. If you’re craving this type of feel, decorate your walls with maps from years past. Take the look even further and find an antique globe for your office and get ready to do some exploring!

Furniture and pieces from years gone by give even the most modern of homes a unique look and feel. With retro appliances and stylish lighting, your home will be distinct from any other.

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