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How To Keep Your Windows Safe in a Storm

Getting your house ready to face storm season is a big job that should be considered carefully. There are several ways you can protect your property from damage. Your best bet is to always be prepared, and pray the storm passes you by.

Protect Your Windows

If you choose to live in an area that is frequently battered by storms, it is in your best interest to invest in some serious protection for your windows. Flying debris can not only shatter windows, but the hole it opens up in your house can result in water damage as well. Impact resistant windows West Palm Beach can protect your home from up to 200 mph winds. If you like natural light and prefer to keep your windows uncovered, impact glass is a great choice.

Some homeowners prefer to install shutters on the outside of the windows. There are several different styles of shutters. Some of them merge perfectly with the design of the house, such as colonial or Bermuda shutters. Others are built especially for hurricane protection (as opposed to beauty) and roll out over windows completely. This style is usually made from aluminum or steel, although there are newer types made from polycarbonate or heavy-duty fabric.

Clean Up Debris

One way to ensure that your house is not battered by items in your own yard is to clean up all yard debris before a storm hits. This includes securing outdoor furniture and planters. Don’t assume that because something is heavy, it can’t be made airborne in a strong wind. If vehicles can be blown off the road in 80 mph winds, your child’s swing set can be turned into a projectile. Untrimmed trees are especially susceptible to splintering and breaking, so a yearly tree trimming is a must in hurricane-prone areas.

If your city gets a direct hit from a major hurricane, there may be only so much you can do. The odds are low that this will happen; however, even a category 1 storm can cause structural damage if you are unprepared.


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