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How To Mitigate Mold in Your Home

Among all the forces that can damage property, mold may be the worst. Toxic mold can creep into a structure and slowly sicken its residents. Given the potential dangers, it’s important that all homeowners take practical measures toward mold prevention.

Causes of Mold Growth

Basically, growing mold needs a warm, moist environment with a stable food source. Moisture can come from many places: a leaky roof, around rusting water pipes, in unfinished basements and any other spaces with bad ventilation.

Climatic conditions, especially heat and humidity, also make structures more susceptible to mold issues. Higher temperatures allow for greater moisture in the air. This condensation can then leach into a building’s bones. However, the worst scenario is a severe storm or flood where water damage is created. At that point, calling your local water removal services Mesa, AZ becomes an urgent priority.

Even your home’s materials can work against you in a mold situation. Anything made from plants (wood, carpets, etc.) contain a substance called cellulose, which happens to be mold’s favorite food.

Preventing Mold on Your Property

Regarding mold remediation, there are certain best practices everyone should know. The key is to keep your house as cool, dry and clean as you can, including individual surfaces. Don’t leave old food to rot in your fridge or water to stand in your sink. If you notice a leaking pipe, whenever possible, disable your water at that source. Keep your thermostat reasonably low and your fans running to rotate the air. This should dissipate any lingering humidity in your home. It’s also a wise idea to invest in quality insulation for your home at your earliest convenience.

Insidious, invisible and completely unfeeling, mold is a most horrible home invader. Appropriate action based on an understanding of mold is the best means to secure your home and health against this treacherous threat.

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