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Ideas for Sprucing Up a 2 Bedroom Apartment

In an apartment, there could be two bedrooms and the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, and bathroom. In order not to feel cramped, imagine your apartment as a hotel suite where the rooms complement each other without competing, where one of the bedrooms could be an extension of the living room and vice versa.

One Space

Think of your two rooms as one and the same space and not as two separate and separate rooms. So you will create a single universe, which will give you a coherent and harmonious place and an impression of continuity, therefore of space!

Natural Lighting and Colors

To put it simply, give your room an airy atmosphere by how you hang curtains or blinds and how you let in the natural lighting. Instead of accommodating darker colored furniture, you should opt instead for neutral colors, soft and pleasing to the eye, to mix with a few hints of colors in the decor and to change according to the seasons or your desires.

The Living Room

In a 2 bedroom apartment Kips Bay, the living area is usually large. You can do a lot of things with your living room to make it more inviting. One of the things you can do to grab the attention of the visitor is to place a high shelf on your wall. This will give the impression of more volume to make it look like an optical illusion. On these shelves, you can put small plants, picture frames, or even books.

Sprucing Up Your Rooms

You can also hang pictures on the walls. Be careful not to put too much so as not to strain the eyes too much. You can also attach a large mirror. This will give an effect of depth and volume for any room in your 2 bedroom apartment. Be careful not to stick your furniture together because this will clutter the room and make it look suffocating. Leave the passage or entrance areas clear and for easy movement.

Contact An Agent

If you are ready to move into a 2 bedroom apartment, it is time to speak to a professional. It is recommended that you contact an agent now to start the ball rolling. Good luck!


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