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Now is the Time to Add Marketing to Your Home Building Sales Agenda

The last several years have been interesting in the home building industry. With the lowest interest rates in years, homeownership has become a reality for many that found owning their own home out of reach.

That does not mean that builders have ready-made prospects waiting to sign on the dotted line. Builders are finding that they are competing with other builders, vying for the same buyers. The question is who will get to the buyers first, make a lasting impression, and secure the sale. Often, it is a matter of marketing.

Marketing to Home Builders:

We all have heard that making a good first impression is key to securing a sale. The same goes for home builders.

With the strong market we have seen in the past year, many builders feel like they do not have to market themselves. They think the right buyer will present themselves and purchase the home as soon as construction is finished. But now more than ever, builders need to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Here are some reasons why now is the right time for builders to elevate their marketing campaigns.

  • Move into new markets. Many home builders have taken a new look at their territories and are moving into new markets where they see future growth. They are making a brand new start, where they are unknown. They may be an unknown entity outside of the key states or municipalities where they currently build. So, they have a clean slate to develop strong marketing messages that will introduce the builder and gain interest from qualified prospects.
  • Help struggling communities. Not every new community creates a selling bonanza. Some areas, especially if they are in a formerly struggling community can be a challenge. Often, sales teams need help in positioning a community as the up-and-coming hot spot. If they cannot fix this perception on their own, they may need a marketing partner to help them craft the messages that will resonate with those looking for a new home.
  • Offer unequaled customer service. One thing that never goes out of style is customer service. Now more than ever, salespeople are challenged with too few homes for the number of homebuyers. Having an expert customer service team can be the difference between landing a sale and having the prospect go to another builder with “move-in ready” inventory. The team needs additional training to handle this and other difficult scenarios. Upping the sales training can be the difference between gaining and losing a sale.

Don’t wait for the buyers to come to you. Let your marketing bring them to you.

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