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Questions Every Home Seller Should Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Selling your house is indeed a major accomplishment. However, it remains an equally daunting process to go through. From pre-listing strategies to having a true estimation of your home’s worth – the factors involved require massive emotional and physical involvement.

Choosing the right real estate agent is one of those crucial factors for successful selling. You, as a seller may wonder, what to look for in a selling agent, and what attributes of an agent should be a turn-off for me. We’ve had your concerns addressed in the following, as we list out the questions you should ask when hiring a real estate agent.

●     What Is Your Experience In The Real Estate Industry?

Experience matters a lot. The more an agent has been serving in the profession, the more he or she developed expertise in property management. Likewise, experience gives more exposure to the agents and helps them develop a better understanding of the local market’s volatility. Furthermore, you can conveniently ask the proficient agents to provide comparable listings, their recent property sales, and a list of their previous clients for referrals.

The emphasis on the experience never means we’re discouraging the newbie agents. You can go with your gut feeling if you find a rookie agent with loads of confidence and communication skills. Yet, the experience should be your priority if you want a quick sale for the finest bucks. Let us refer you to Regan McGee, Nobul CEO, to find qualified real estate selling agents on the go.

●     How Would You Estimate The Value Of My House?

This is indeed a very subtle question to gauge the trustworthiness of an agent. The true valuation of a property is never the job of a real estate agent; no matter how skillful he or she is. Therefore, if an agent declines to evaluate the price of your house, he or she should be considered reliable enough to hire. However, experienced agents do assist in house valuation, but the true estimation of property’s worth wholly remains the authority of an appraiser or brokerage.

●     What Do You Suggest To Increase The Resale Value?

First and foremost, you should implement all possible strategies to boost the resale value of your home – from basic maintenance to customizable renovations. In addition to that, while interviewing, ask your agent for the tactics to increase the property’s worth. A professional agent would propose a pre-listing home inspection to clear out all major to minor maintenance flaws. Agents also suggest home staging (DIY staging if you’re on a budget), professional photography, and virtual tours.

●     What Are Your Marketing Strategies?

A competent real estate agent is well equipped with marketing strategies. These strategies typically involve:

  • Print Advertising
  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Copywriting
  • WordPress and Quora Advertising

Your agent would furnish a complete marketing plan to amplify your home-selling process via all possible mediums. Additionally, he or she may also suggest creating video walkthroughs to further optimize the online listing.

●     How Much Do You Get Paid?

It is essential to settle the agent’s commission before hiring which generally remains between 5% to 6% of the selling price. Yet, you should never shy away from a possible negotiation; especially if you’re hiring the same agent to sell multiple properties. Be sure to sort out the expenses before finalizing the commission to eliminate any misunderstandings in the future. The Nobul company of Regan McGee Toronto-based can help you find the best and transparent agents.


Assessing the proficiency of a real estate agent isn’t as difficult as it seems. Make FAQs of all the mentioned questions. Moreover, ensure the additional must-have qualities of an agent. Such as good communication skills and a wide network of brokers, appraisers, marketers, and other relevant people.

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