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Surprising Reasons To Recycle Your Old Cell Phones

We all have an old cell phone laying around, most likely forgotten about in a drawer. Most people may not know what to do with these devices once they are broken or replaced. Should it be thrown in the trash or recycled?

When it comes to old computers, phones, televisions, cameras and other electronic devices, the most responsible disposable method is always recycling. E scrap, also known as electronics waste, is becoming a huge problem for the entire planet. Keep reading for a few surprising reasons to recycle your phone instead of chucking it into the trash bin.

Hackers Want Your Data

Cyber security is a buzzword on everyone’s minds lately. Hackers are becoming increasingly effective at stealing people’s personal data and using it for destructive purposes. Unfortunately, your old cell phone is a great tool for hackers, and they often search trash cans and landfills for old devices.

Don’t allow a criminal access to your personal information like bank accounts, social security numbers and phone book. Instead of throwing your phone in the trash, contact a recycling service. These organizations will completely wipe your device to ensure your personal data is erased.

Your Phone Contains Gold

Yep, you read that right – your cell phone is more precious than you already think, since it contains precious metals such as gold and silver. These metals can be used again if properly recycled. In fact, if a million cell phones are recycled, over 70 pounds of pure gold can be recovered and reused.

The unfortunate reality is that, worldwide, only about 15% of this gold is successfully recovered.

Electronics Leach Chemicals

When old electronics are left to sit in a landfill, they can release toxic materials like lead and chromium into the ground. These chemicals find their way into streams and eventually can mix with groundwater, which ispells trouble for animals and people.

Instead of throwing your old tech in the trash, it’s a good idea to find a recycling center to properly dispose of it. When you recycle, you can rest assured that your data is properly wiped, gold and precious metals are recovered, and you aren’t contributing to the leaching waste problem impacting our planet.

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