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The floor function: 5 benefits of floor insulation

Insulating your home is important for moderating its temperature and improving its energy efficiency. Poorly insulated homes have a reduced thermal efficiency and this creates greater energy requirements to moderate the home’s temperature.

The floor is an integral part of a home’s overall insulation scheme, thus moderating the temperature of the home by keeping in hot and cool air that would otherwise escape through the floor. Failing to properly insulate your floor, walls, ceiling or roof can cause your home to use more energy for heating and cooling, thus adding to environmental degradation and creating higher bills.

If you’ve been considering floor insulation in Shepparton or beyond, then there are a host of great benefits to taking the plunge.

Here are five reasons why you should definitely consider floor insulation for your home.

1.    It makes the home more comfortable

During summer’s heat and winter’s cold, the use of air-conditioning and heating systems can be harmful to your budget and your wallet. You want to ensure that your floor has reliable insulation to prevent the warm air escaping in winter and the cool air escaping in the summer. We all know how ghastly Australian summers and winters can be, and there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable house in these periods!

2.    It’s easy to install

There are a range of options for installing floor insulation. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to have your existing home retrofitted, floor insulation is a great option for insulating the home provided there is enough space for your installer to do the job without too many hassles! Naturally, floor insulation is easier to install when the home is in the process of construction, but by simply consulting your local insulation expert you can easily find out whether the job can be done retroactively.

3.    Reduce your energy bills

Carrying on from the outdated method of using constant air-conditioning in summer and constant heating in winter, insulation helps reduce your energy bills. Given that you will no longer have the need to use these two temperature moderation systems as much (as your home will moderate the temperature on its own), you can save plenty of money on your energy bills. It’s a valuable and cost-efficient way to reduce some of those annoying bills that seem to go up much higher in the more extreme weather months.

4.    It improves your home’s thermal efficiency

Floor insulation can help improve your home’s thermal efficiency. Floor insulation is an awesome thermal solution as it creates a barrier between the home and outside, allowing the home to retain a large amount of heat in the winter and retain the cool air in the hotter summer months.

5.    It can reduce your carbon footprint!

People are becoming more energy efficient and are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint both out and about and at the home. One of the best ways to do this at home is by installing floor insulation (along with insulation in other parts of the home).

Why? Because floor insulation greatly reduces the need to keep your air-conditioning methods in operation throughout the hotter and colder months of the year. You can enjoy a much better temperature in your home whilst knowing it has far less of a harmful impact on the environment!

It’s simply an awesome option for homeowners!

If you’ve been looking for the best way to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint whilst making the home far more comfortable then insulation is the way to go!

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