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Things to Know About Installing a Safe in Your Home

You may be in an area where burglaries occur frequently or are increasing, and you may be concerned about the security of your valuables. If you have valuables in your home, such as silver, gold or jewels; sensitive documents; or own weapons, you may be looking into safe installation Maryland.

Why Purchase a Safe

Burglars can quickly and efficiently identify and remove valuables from your home. In addition, the improper storage of weapons may result in accidental firing and injuries. Also, fires, floods or other natural disasters can damage your valuables or destroy sensitive or valuable documents.

Safe Types

You can protect your birth certificates, gold and silver, savings bonds and jewelry with a burglar fire safe that is properly installed that protects against both fires and burglary.

Avoid floor safes that are not rated as fire safes, if you are storing paper documents. Instead, purchase a free-standing fire safe. Wall safes are convenient in that they are easily hidden, but they are easily removed from the home by removing the wall. However, wall safes are great options for prescription drugs. Data and media, such as CDs and thumb drives, require specialized data/media safes because they are very heat sensitive.

Safe Installation

Every safe has vulnerabilities. However, safes that protect against burglary should be in low-traffic, hard to find areas of your home and built into your floor or outside walls. This makes these safes difficult to remove from the structure. Fire safes should be placed on two outside walls on the ground floor and close to sprinklers. If your area is prone to flooding, install your safe on upper levels with a concrete or steel foundation that is anchored to the framing of the house. Avoid installing safes in the garage or near the master bedroom.

If you keep valuables in your home, consider contacting a reputable safe installation company to help you choose and install your safe.


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