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Tips For The TV Cord Concealment And Hiding Wires

It looks quite messy when the TV, sound system, and modem cables spread here and there. If you want to give your room a mess free look then you should know some tips about the TV cord concealment and hiding wires. These are very easy steps that you can follow during TV mounting and give your room a tidy look.

Tie Cords On The Backside Of The Furniture

One of the best ways to hide the dangling cords is to hide them behind the furniture. You can anchor them to the silhouette of the sofa or the TV table. For this, you need the cord clips along with the back edges of the chair or sofa, or other furniture. Press the clips for 30 seconds and then hook one or two cords in it. You can run your cords neatly along the legs of the sofa or console.

Feed Wires Around The Tv Stand

You can hide the tangle of cables behind the TV stand. For this, you have to do TV demounting. Now grab the bundle of the cables and pull them inside the box beneath the TV. You have to create the stand by yourself if you are craft. Otherwise, take the help of a carpenter and ask him to design the box behind the TV. Thus you will able to tangle all wires in it and your room will look mess-free.

Use Of The Cord Covers

In the market, there is an available cord cable concealer kit. You can simply attach to the side or behind the TV and hide the TV wires. To create the mess-free unit of wires measures the span of the wall between the floor and base of the screen. You can cut the cord cover according to the size of the wires. After that fix the cords inside the unit and cover them in place on the top. You can choose the color of choice that matches your wall and then give your TV station a tidy look.

Running Tv Cables Behind The Wall

There are available behind the wall recessed cable plates. For this remove the TV from the wall and find the stud by using a stud finder and make the cuts behind the TV. Now clip the cable in that portion. Now hide them by using some wallpaper or any such decorative sticker. It will definitely create a neat look and give you a cable-free entertainment system.

If you think you can’t do it by yourself then why not take the cord concealment service in Los Angeles. The liable company will provide you excellent service. The expert will first inspect the place and then do wire clipping according to TV and room requirements.


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