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Top Coat or No Top Coat Epoxy

Deciding whether or not to use a top coat with your epoxy product is a big decision. However, some Epoxy Coat providers make it easy, because they can help you make the right choice for your flooring needs. It’s not required to use a top coat, but it is highly recommended. Clear top coats are affordable options, and offer numerous benefits that make investing in a top coat worthwhile. 

Maximizes Your Investment

First, you can maximize your investment in an epoxy flooring solution by adding a top coat. Top coats give another layer of protection to your flooring. They can increase overall strength and durability. Plus, applying a top coat is simple after you have already undergone the harder part of installing an epoxy floor. Choosing to add a top coat can protect your hard work with a lasting sealant that keeps your floors beautiful. The best part is that top coats come in a wide variety of glosses and finishes. Now, you can create a stunning shine with the perfect aesthetic for your needs. 

Top Coats Add Even More Protection

You don’t need an epoxy top coat to protect your epoxy flooring if it was installed properly. Epoxy flooring is naturally durable. However, the added protection a top coat can offer is a wise investment. Inevitably, flooring develops scratches and scuff marks over time. Some are so small you don’t notice them, but they can still contribute to a dull appearance. Over time, this becomes more pronounced and your floor’s wear and tear begin to show. However, a top coat can do an excellent job of decreasing scratches and camouflaging old scars on your flooring.  

Making the Final Decision

When it’s time to make your final decision about adding a top coat to your flooring, Epoxy Coat can help! Adding a top coat can protect your flooring investment, make it last longer, and reduce scratches. Plus, cleaning the floor with a top coat is easier. Mops glide effortlessly over the surface. Additionally, a top coat helps prevent color and chips from flaking off over time due to intense scrubbing. Top coats also come with anti-slip technology, which makes walking across flooring even safer. 

If you are ready to choose a top coat for your epoxy flooring, visit our website. The Best and Super Epoxy Kits are exceptional values and come with everything you need to epoxy your floor. Open up the kit, and everything you need from start to finish – including the top coat – is right there. 

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