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Top Jobs for People Who Love To Travel

When choosing a career, most people consider fields that inspire them or match their talents. Other important factors to take into consideration are the particular perks of the job. Here are several positions that are ideal for people who love to travel.

Pilot or Flight Attendant

One easy way to ensure travel is included is to seek positions where the journey itself is an integral part of the work you do. Pilots and flight attendants get paid to go from one location to another. If you time it just right, you can explore new places in the downtime between flights.

Construction Project Manager

Working for a construction company that takes on commercial building accounts can land you almost anywhere in the world. You can change the landscape of the tourist district of a city with a flashy new club or restaurant. Help revitalize neighborhoods with new, exciting living spaces. Rent furnished apartments in the city where you oversee your current project to live like a local for a while.

Corporate Consultant

Consultants enjoy a lot of flexibility in their work. One example of these freedoms is the occasional need to travel to a new city where your expertise is needed. Companies often pay big bucks to bring in external consultants with fresh perspectives. You can lend clients your expertise to help their businesses thrive during the day and enjoy the hospitality of a new city every evening.


Artists reveal their view of the world through their chosen media, and one of the best ways to do that is to actually go out and see the world. New locations can inspire your art. Sometimes, travel is a part of the presentation itself. Going on tour or showing your work in a gallery away from home helps you expand the reach of your art. Whether you want to be a photographer, painter, sculptor or musician, your work will often involve traveling to different places.

Travel Writer

Another way to make travel a business expense is to document your experiences. Many magazines and online publications pay for articles on great travel spots, and they want to hear from someone who has actually visited them. If you love to write, you can find a way to make travel your job.

A good salary and great benefits packages are nice, but the perks can make a job extra enticing. Find a way to make your love of travel a part of your career.

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