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Two Roofing Materials That Keep Your Home Cool

Finding ways to cool your home without draining your savings on the energy bill can be hard. However, if you’re willing to spend the time and energy, changing your roof shingles can make your home much cooler. Here are two examples of shingle materials that can help keep your home cool.


It is difficult for sunlight and heat to penetrate concrete and enter your home. In addition, if concrete shingles are made into certain shapes, hot air can easily be circulated away from your home and cool air can be circulated towards your home. Dying/painting the concrete tiles a lighter color can also help with this matter, as lighter colors can push away sunlight and heat. Keep in mind, though, that concrete tiles are usually very heavy and you may need to spend some more to reinforce your roof’s foundation so that it doesn’t cave in.


Clay shingles are similar to concrete ones in many ways. Clay shingles are heavy, heat doesn’t easily pass through them and shingles with certain shapes allow hot air to leave and cold air to stay. There are still, however, differences between the two shingle styles. Clay’s natural red color reflects sunlight more than cement’s gray color, so you may not need to spend extra money coloring clay shingles. Also, clay usually comes in shapes that allow air circulation, so you may not need to order special custom tiles. So consider asking for prices on clay tiles when shopping through commercial roofing companies St Louis mo.

Being comfortable and surviving in a certain climate is all about being able to adapt yourself and your various protections. Changing your roof shingles is just one of those adaptations. While it might be expensive at the start, it will save you a lot in energy costs in the long run.

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