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If you’re starting on a construction project for your home or business, then you’ve probably come across a ton of different strategies and methods that can get the job done. Every type of professional has their own approach to their craft, but a few tried and true methods tend to stand out from the crowd. Design-build is one of them.

What Is Design-Build?

Design-build is an approach to construction that means everyone works together to get the job done. Its collaborative structure often means streamlined projects, quicker turnaround times and better results for clients. The trend is catching on so quickly because people are looking for a comprehensive solution to their construction problems.

Who’s Involved?

There are three people typically involved in a construction project: the owner, the designer and the contractor. The owner has to manage two contracts with each of the other two parties involved. But in a design-build system, the contractor and designer come from the same company. To see how this looks in real life, you can look up “design build contractor Sacramento CA” or find contractors near you.

How Fast Is It Growing?

We mentioned design-build is a budding field, but that’s almost an understatement. In fact, it’s being rapidly popularized across the country. The construction speed and delivery speed of the final product is significantly faster than with traditional methods, plus it’s less likely to hear “just two more weeks” for the last six months of construction. Lots of companies are transitioning into design-build services both to capitalize on this trend and to offer better services to their clients.

So if you’re interested in a collaborative, innovative and interesting approach to your construction project, consider using the design-build method. It’s an easy way to get great results that match your vision and your timeline.

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