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3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room

Many homeowners get excited about their interior décor, especially in the first weeks and months. However, after a while, you might start to find the arrangement lackluster, especially for areas such as your living room. Maybe you even adopted and incorporated a few trends some seasons back, and now they feel dated and stale. Regardless of why you find your décor bland, the best solution is to refresh your living room space.

There are various simple ways to achieve this, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot or take a lot of time. Sometimes all that’s needed are small changes, and your sitting room will become completely transformed. Even things as simple as incorporating potted plants and buying a lounging chair from https://www.tinekhome.com/en/bamboo-furniture/ will do more than you can imagine. Here are some other ways to enhance your living room area.

1.Get a new chandelier

Lighting can dramatically transform the appearance of your living space. Among the most effective ways to make the light in your sitting room more ambient is changing your chandelier or getting a new one if you have never had any. Chandeliers don’t have to be very ornate or fancy as those in ballrooms and huge mansions. Nowadays, there are many different styles and sizes of chandelier lamps in the market.

It is thus possible to find one that suits your space and aesthetic. You can also find a wide variety that fits your price point. Some of the best designs include sleek candelabra designs that have steel bars. If you appreciate a more bohemian aesthetic, you can opt for a chandelier that’s crafted with wood or materials such as wicker.

2.Reorganize your furniture

Buying new furniture can at times be costly. If your furniture is relatively new and in reasonably good condition, it is not wise to replace them with new ones. One way to switch this up is to refocus the arrangement of your furniture. Apart from being affordable, this approach is going to require less effort.

Analyze the traditional layout of your space and then find areas that need improvement. For instance, if you keep your table in the center and have arranged your furniture around it, why not switch it up. For example, you can pull your bamboo daybed away from the walls. Also, instead of making the coffee table your focal point, you can replace it with the artwork.

3.Incorporate potted plants

Plants can transform a cold space into a warm, lively one. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, the greenery will also add life to your living space. When choosing your plants consider factors such as the level of sunlight and size of your living space. You could also consider the level of care they require. Plants such as succulents will usually need minimum attention to thrive. There are unlimited ways to style your plants. For instance, you can hang it in the window.

Upgrading your living space can be exciting, and it shouldn’t be stressful or exceed your budget. Other ways to spruce up your space include changing your throw pillows’ designs and revarnishing your coffee table.


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