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Emergency! Infographic reveals the scary truth about natural disasters

An eye-watering infographic has revealed the scary truth behind natural disasters – and where you are most likely to suffer one.

The following graphic shows, in no uncertain terms, that California is the county that attracts the most disasters – with wildfires being the common cause:

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However, while the media might be quick to report on the above, there are other interesting data points that arise from the infographic.

For example, if we head over to Kentucky, this is the state that tends to be the worst affected by severe storms. In fact, if we look at the top five counties that have made the most emergency storm declarations over the years, three of them are based in Kentucky. Knott, Lawrence and Perry are the counties in question, although Oklahoma also grabs the headlines with Caddo and Dewey county both also named on this list.

The situation over in North Dakota is even worse from a flooding perspective. All five of the counties who have declared disasters are based in North Dakota, clocking up a total of 107 cases. Walsh, Pembina, Cass, Grand Forks and Richland are this time the counties in question.

While much of the data is fairly localized, the same cannot be said for earthquakes. The data that the infographic has collected spans back almost seven decades and as we all know, building techniques, including windows, walls, roofs and pretty much everything in-between has improved dramatically. Nevertheless, Hawaii County, Los Angeles County, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, San Bernardino County and Anchorage Borough have thirteen earthquakes between them.

However, analyzing the infographic from pure county level, it’s clear that the biggest worries sit within Los Angeles. It is here where no fewer than 72 natural disasters have occurred since records began and while wildfires are largely to blame, the statistics in relation to other types of emergencies are frightening as well.

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