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3 Weekend Projects To Do at Home

Once in a while, it can be fun and productive to stay at home and complete a small project that you might not otherwise get around to. Here are three easy and affordable projects to do at home on a weekend.

  1. Start a Garden

Gardens are not just for the spring and summer months, as there are a variety of vegetables and herbs that you can grow year-round. Depending on your climate, some crops that thrive during the winter months include carrots, radishes, kale and Swiss chard. Summer vegetables include corn, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. Regardless of the time of year, planting a garden is a fun and rewarding activity that you can start from scratch on a weekend as long as you have the time to maintain the garden throughout the growing season.

  1. Redesign a Room

You don’t have to completely remodel a room or rearrange heavy furniture to give new life and a new look to your living area, bedroom or home office. Flex your interior design Arlington VA skills by putting up new curtains, incorporating lamps and adding shelves to organize your book or knick-knack collection. Working with different colors and styles of lighting can do wonders to refresh your living space.

  1. Set Up a Home Bar

If you are a foodie, consider setting up a bar area in your dining room or another room where you entertain guests. While this can be a bar that is used to mix alcoholic drinks, it could also be a space where teas and coffees are prepared and served. All you need is a table with some shelves along with some simple drink-making equipment and whichever ingredients you choose to have.

If you are looking for something satisfying to do at home during a few free days, consider one of these three projects.

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