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Escape Rooms in Atlanta

If you are touring this populous and beautiful city of Atlanta for its modern cityscapes and tourist spots, you must be searching for something entertaining too! Sure, gardens and museums are cool, but if you haven’t tried an escape room in Atlanta, you are truly missing out!

Even if you are just a resident of this place, there’s no better way to spend the weekend than by playing a live-adventure game with innovative puzzles and mind-boggling room themes. In this article, we have listed a few of the best escape rooms in Atlanta! Read ahead!

1. Escape the Room Atlanta

With three innovative escape rooms in bizarre themes, filled with secrets and mysteries, Escape the Room is the perfect weekend destination! The brand has gained its well-deserved share of popularity ever since the beginning, and they have also had the honor to provide an immersive experience to some celebrities! Some of them include rapper Lil Wayne’s daughter and the cast of the beloved show ‘Dance Moms’!

Can you and your team break the records and do better than these celebs with your guts and glory? Find out!

2. Mission: Escape Atlanta

Established early in 2015, the owners do have a fair amount of experience with their excellent flow of puzzle-making and gripping plotlines. They have well-designed, photo-worthy interiors and escape rooms with a reality TV-style confession camera!

With a perfect score of 5 stars on tour review websites like TripAdvisor and Google reviews by 1000+ tourists and escapees, the brand has made a special place in the vacationists’ hearts. Find out what all the hype is about by planning a quick visit with your friends and family!

3. The Escape Game Atlanta

Deemed as the #1 escape game in the city of Atlanta, the brand has really made its mark with its big escape rooms designed by the best prop teams, scenic artists, and robotics engineers. The game guides and staff are iconic social experts, and sure do know how to keep their customers engaged and happy!

You only have 60 minutes on the clock and unexpected curveballs and obstacles waiting for you. Can you escape? Find out now at the best Escape room Atlanta!

4. Time to Escape, Downtown Atlanta

Are you a fan of aesthetic detail? Do you appreciate exciting visuals? Then Time to Escape is sureto be a treat for your eyes! The brand pays great attention to their room designs with all the high tech, appropriate lighting, sound effects, and character roles too!

The primary brand location with three branches is located in the vibrant hub at Peachtree center and has a 3000+ check-in count! That clearly shows that downtown Atlanta people love them and will leave you with some unforgettable memories too!

Bring out your inner detective and transfer to a whole new world at Time to Escape!


Taking a break from your monotonous lifestyle every once in a while is a dire necessity! And escape rooms will surely help you let loose and spend some extraordinary bonding time with your kinsfolk! Try any one of these escape rooms soon!


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