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Hotel Interior Design – Relaxed Atmosphere Required

In the hotel during the day people are attracted by the interior design, furniture, shapes and colors. But at night the hotel has a second dimension, as the guest must remain in a safe, comfortable and secure environment, but even relax, cleanly and efficiently. It is clear that only artificial lighting can satisfy such a combination of needs.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to provide maximum comfort for both guests and staff. In fact, the hotel is a workplace and therefore must be illuminated, even if the lighting elements that provide a good view for staff must be in harmony with the characteristics of pleasant lighting for hotel guests and must be able to vaporize the various areas appropriately.

For example, the front desk is a place that should immediately grab the guest’s attention as soon as he enters the hotel. Its lighting should be both attractive and impressive, with decorative elements that communicate the level of quality of service available to the guest.

It is important to provide good lighting on vertical surfaces and to limit horizontal illumination of work surfaces, especially in the reception area. There should be plenty of light on the wall behind the concierge, as this is the element that grabs the client’s attention.

As a hotel interior designer, it is your responsibility to pay special attention to the design and decoration of the hotel. You must follow a specific process step by step:


  • Whether you are a new hotel designer or an old one, it is very important that you subscribe to local listings. This makes it easy for customers to find you. You can also add your details to the online directory or create your own website. Your website will contain all the detailed information about your work and a few examples that clients can refer to.
  • When a person contacts you, you must first show them all the projects that you have been doing so far so that the person can choose one, or you can also ask customers to share ideas they want to translate into their hotel design.
  • It is also necessary that the hotel’s interior designer informs clients of their prices in advance. It is often observed that buyers oppose the price offered by designers and are always willing to lower it. Try not to be influenced by buyers and stick to the price that suits you.
  • Those who have signed a contract go all out to give the client whatever he wants. Combine customer ideas with creativity to create an attractive and inviting interior for customers.


Make sure your interior design for hospitality is different from others in the area, and the design you choose will take care of even the smallest part of the hotel, such as hallway decorations such as tapestries, paintings, etc. and necessity such as ashtrays, towels in the closet, etc., and lighting in rooms and hotels, etc.

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