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4 Tips to Completing a Kitchen Makeover

So the time has finally come for you to redo your kitchen. Questions arise involving nearly every aspect you can think of. From where you should start, which parts of the kitchen you should have the most money thrown into, and when to hire someone to do the work, these are all complicated questions with a variety of answers that all depend on preference and budget. Here are some tips to completing your kitchen makeover in the most effective way!

Hire an expert kitchen designer before starting your kitchen makeover project

When in doubt, hire a kitchen designer to elevate your cooking space. They can tell you how to make the most out of the space while staying within your budget. Check out experts such as Karin Ross or other well-known and experienced kitchen designers. Think about what you are looking for and how much of a makeover you want to commit to. Often, the best part about hiring an expert is that they can assess what is worth your time and what will best optimize your space.

Think about the best way to use the space

Once you have an expert consulting you, think about what you spend the most of your time doing. Are you someone who has a big family and goes through dishes and trash like crazy? Capitalize on your dish washing space. Get a large sink with a functional faucet, along with a dishwasher that is in close proximity to the shelves where the dishes are kept. Also, think about a recycling and trash area that best fits your lifestyle. If you have a small family, the space for recycling and trash can be smaller. If you have a large family, you want to leave room so that the place doesn’t overflow with trash in a day.

Space is the most important part when redoing your kitchen, so be sure to focus on that before anything else.

Consider the countertops

Countertops are a feature that most people want to go all out on. These take up such a large area of the kitchen and really can make a difference—good or bad. Dark countertops are good for looking clean and hiding dirt, but they can also darken the room. Make sure you have some lighter features to counterbalance, if this is what you choose. Also, splurging on marble or granite will immediately class up your kitchen and make the space feel more sophisticated. So when picking a part of the kitchen to splurge on, the countertops are the best option.

Use predominantly light colors in your kitchen

Dark colors can make any space feel smaller than it is. You want to keep your kitchen feeling open and space-conscious. Think about light colors when looking at tile, wall color, and features around the kitchen. A bunch of dark features can leave the space feeling dark and small. A kitchen is a place to entertain and bring people together, so keeping it light, functional and airy will keep spirits uplifted and the energy positive.

The kitchen is one of the best rooms in any house or apartment. It is where company gathers and where you spend your time every day. It is a place to speak with loved ones and make meals together. Be sure to make it a place you are proud of and want to be in. You never know how much your home quality of life will improve until you are using your space to the best of its capability. With all of this being said, make sure to take these tips into consideration next time you are trying to fully complete your dream kitchen.








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