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5 Reasons You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen

With time, priorities change, and the kitchen may not meet your needs anymore. A kitchen renovation will help you create the perfect space. Start by identifying what you want in your new kitchen and find a professional designer or project coordinator to help you plan your kitchen makeover. You will be happy you decided to remodel your kitchen. 

Improves functionality

While there are numerous ways to update your kitchen to enhance its functionality, one of the most effective is through a significant renovation. Modern kitchens are highly energy efficient, and major renovations will make this possible. For instance, installing a biogas cooking system can eliminate the need for electric cooktops and heaters, while glass windows allow natural light to shine during the day. Likewise, LED lighting will save energy by minimizing the use of artificial light.

Before you start planning your new kitchen, make sure to measure the space available in your kitchen. You will want to ensure that all appliances will fit properly without causing too much space. This will also prevent you from buying large appliances that only take up valuable floor space. You should also avoid making significant changes to your kitchen floor plan, increasing your overall remodeling costs. Keep the walls, water fixtures, and appliances in the exact locations throughout the project to simplify the process.

Adds value

The kitchen is the heart of any home, so learn more to know that it is no surprise to remodel your kitchen can add value to your home. A new backsplash, modern appliances, or a more oversized kitchen island can transform your space. While it might seem expensive to remodel, the added value you can add to your home may outweigh the costs. It may not be the first remodeling project that comes to mind, but these improvements can make a big difference.

According to a Remodeling Magazine report, a kitchen remodel can result in a 60% to 80% ROI. In addition, it shows that a typical kitchen upgrade costs $23,140 and adds an average value of $23,122. This means that remodeling your kitchen is well worth the investment. And since the cost of remodeling a kitchen can range from small to large, it is a reason to do a kitchen remodel Portland

Improves energy efficiency

Many of us are concerned about our environmental impact in today’s energy-conscious world. Reducing energy use is a significant part of becoming more sustainable. In addition to energy efficiency, incorporating eco-friendly materials and appliances into your remodel will help you save money while maintaining your lifestyle. Eco-friendly items include recycled plastic cutlery and bamboo-made cabinets and floors. In addition, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint by making a few changes to your kitchen design.

Modern appliances are more energy efficient than their older counterparts.

Improves water efficiency

In your quest to remodel your kitchen to save money on utilities, consider making several upgrades. Consider installing new, water-efficient faucets and energy-efficient appliances. You may also opt to have your plumbing contractor install new electronic circuits and fix leaky water pipes to save electricity and water. These upgrades will reduce your monthly utility bills and reduce heating costs. Consider upgrading to an energy-efficient model if you have a dishwasher and an older fridge. LED lighting will save you money and energy. Make your kitchen more eco-friendly by installing environmentally-friendly faucets and LED lights. Finally, investing in newer appliances is an excellent way to save on utilities.

Reduces costs

Reducing costs in a kitchen renovation project does not have to mean skipping the upgrades. Adding small touches like a new table and chairs, refinishing door trim, and painting walls can make significant changes to your space and save thousands of dollars. Consider the speed of the remodel. Changing the kitchen layout may result in spending extra money on takeout or dinners because of the longer work time. Two-thirds of homeowners said the remodel took more than a month. To reduce costs, choose the shortest remodeling time possible.

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