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5 ways to Get Clean Water in kitchen

Clean water is the most important necessity of life whether it’s about drinking or daily life usage. But now a days getting clean water is not less than a blessing. It’s because of the old dirty water supplying pipes which are not been replaced or clean regularly, or because of the industries or factories chemical wastage that is thrown into rivers or sea. Due to this we are not able to get clean or pure water from our tap in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. We are only getting smelly, dirty or poisoned water. Lack of clean water is causing many problems in our daily life as we don’t get clean water to use and drink so we are facing health issues and skin problems, our food is unhealthy, dishes and clothes are not washed properly etc. To avoid all above mentioned issues and problems we should make sure that we get clean and purified water in our homes and kitchens. There are many ways to get clean water which is mentioned below.

Strain the water

One way to get clean water is by using the strainer. A strainer will help to strain out big particles from water such as small pebbles, insects, particles of dirt etc. Somehow this will help you to make water clean by separating dirty particles from water. For straining you can also use a piece of a clean cotton shirt or a clean dish towel. You can tie it up on the tap and don’t forget to change it regularly. Note that this method will only clean water from large particles mostly which are visible, it will not be able to remove smell or germs from the water.

Boiling the water

Another way to keep water clean or germs free is by boiling it. Mostly people boil water for drinking. As boiling the water will kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses from the water. This will make water safe for drinking. Water is usually boiled when people don’t get pure or bottled water for drinking.

Using Water Distiller

Using water distiller in home is the most efficient and beneficial way of cleaning the water. To distill water at homes all you need is a heat source and a condenser, Heat source to boil the water into vapors and condenser to turn those vapors back into water. When water will be boiled to its boiling point it will start evaporating leaving all the other bacteria and chemicals behind. Then the water vapor will enter the condenser which will turn them back in to the liquid form which will be free from bacteria and other chemicals.

Using a water filter

You can also keep water clean by using a water filter in kitchen. It removes all the pollutants and dirt particles from the water. Water filters are very easy to install. These filters contain special materials like charcoal, carbon, ceramic, sand, and cloth that are specially designed to filter out dangerous pollutants.

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