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Choose Vinyl or Laminate Flooring for a Kitchen Remodel

Keep your newly installed kitchen floor free from stains and scratches by choosing the right material. Vinyl and laminate are among the most reliable types of flooring that you can select. Here are further differences between the two for making your final decision.

How Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Flooring are Made

Vinyl flooring has 4 layers of polymers that include:

  • Soft foam base layer
  • Thick plastic core
  • Printed photographic layer
  • Protective top coating

Laminate flooring also has 4 layers but uses fiberboard as the material. There is no type of cushioning on the base. Commonly known as a floating floor, a separate base of cushioning is used. The middle core is made up of wood byproducts instead of plastic. A high-definition photograph of wood or stone portrays a vivid picture of stone or wood. The top layer protects the picture with a tough finish.

Appearance and Longevity

Laminate flooring uses a more defined snapshot of wood or stone than vinyl. This method recreates a realistic look. However, vinyl is better suited for an active household as it is more resistant to scrapes. Vinyl is also more waterproof with no moisture exposure to the subfloor. It can be hard to decide between the two materials if you are planning a kitchen remodel Clarkston area with the changing seasons.

Both laminate and vinyl are competitively priced and last approximately 25 years before needing to be replaced. The wide array of colors and looks make either one an excellent choice when remodeling a kitchen or bath. Take your time to make this difficult choice and talk to your contractor about your options for your lifestyle.

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