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Kitchen Design Tips

The kitchen can be a focal point of any home (or party!) so it’s a reality you are going to spend a lot of time in your kitchen so you want it to be a pleasing environment and above all you want it to last! From designers to Kitchen Fitters, there is a range of trades to help you achieve your goal.

Small Space Kitchen Renovation

Think carefully about the countertop space. And review your current kitchen for ideas. A floor to ceiling unit not only utilises a small space admirably but gives excellent storage capacity.

What you have currently in your kitchen may not be the best use of space. Evaluate what utensils you use regularly on a weekly or monthly basis and be firm in your decision making. Just because you used something infrequently doesn’t mean it has to go into your new dream design.

One of the simplest ways to create more storage space is to create shelves underneath a table or free mounted on the wall. Your wall construction will need to be assessed if you are thinking of storing heavy utensils.

We have talked about buying the best you can afford previously. The inside of cabinets is where you can score again and again with a quality unit. Utilize all the space available with full base shelves throughout.

Choice of Cabinets

Choose the best cabinets that are within your budget. To achieve a long lasting and satisfactory result this is essential!

You have a choice of a custom on-site fitting or one that is manufactured to a high standard in the factory. Quality control standards at the manufacturer will invariably give you the satisfaction of an extended warranty. There is also the option to have the front of your cabinets re-surfaced, vastly reducing the cost of brand new units (and still looking like new).

To Hire or not to Hire

If you’re on a very tight budget you can dispense with the services of a designer if you plan to just replace existing units with new ones. However hiring a professional will be worth the extra expense since they will have all the up to date information on what’s available and will be able to utilise your space in ways that you, as an amateur, would be unable to. A professional will know at a glance what can be achieved and will undoubtedly make much better use of the space you have available.

The word professional conjures up visions of vast expense and a jargon filled confrontation leaving you the customer, reeling and unable to think! So how do you check the credentials of a Professional Designer and ensure they have your best interest at heart and not their own? ‘That’s simple! You just ask four important questions, after which you’ll know whether or not you are on the right track.

Is the company one that has been in business in your locality for a number of years? If yes, continue the questioning!

Have they offered you the opportunity to see recent work and given some referrals willingly?

Is the designer’s showroom one that reflects a professional image or not? Is it illustrating what the end product will be like…for example, is it State-of-the-Art or something cobbled together as an after thought? You get what you see when dealing with designers

Finally are there examples of the designers’ work on show either in local projects or show houses?

Should any of these questions remain unanswered, you’ll need to be continue your search. A kitchen redesign and refit is a major event and you must get it right first time since there will be no going back! To help with all of these answers all in one place, consider using online directories where you can find the best local kitchen fitters in your area to help you find the right person for the job.


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